Do you find it hard to get enthusiastic about Christmas but would like to rekindle that Christmas Spirit that you felt as a child?

Sleeping Santa Statue

I used to get so over-excited about Christmas when I was a young child that by the time the day arrived I was tired and run down and invariably ill in some way. I lived in England then and the cold damp weather did not help. Illness did not reduce my enthusiasm but it decreased over time.

It was not until I had my own children that it started again in full force, not accompanied by sickness but now by enjoyment in my children’s happy anticipation and reactions when they opened their presents. For many the Christmas Spirit does not return even if Christmas Day itself is enjoyable.

As Marquita talked about in her post, Simple Strategies To Beat Christmas Stress,  Christmas time can be over busy and stressful. You can follow her strategies to overcome stress but how do you then rekindle the Christmas Spirit and get into the mood to really enjoy it.

10 Ideas to Rekindle Your Christmas Spirit

1. Visit a traditional Christmas market or festival.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping by taking in the sounds, sights and aromas of a traditional Christmas market. Night markets are a way to fit in shopping when stores are closed and you can have a night off cooking by eating out. Buy some home made produce rather than store bought.

Christmas Night Market Stalls

2. Spend time with Children

If you have young children in your family, make some quality time for them and join in their enthusiasm. Take them to Christmas events, make some Christmas decorations or do some baking together. Help them to understand that the season is not all about the gifts they receive on Christmas Day but also about giving and sharing.

If you do not have children you could take in the atmosphere of a toy store while shopping or offer to look after children of family and friends. Take them to a Christmas event or do some Christmas Crafts with them. The parents may be pleased for the chance to go and do some secret Christmas shopping.

Christmas Words Tree

3. Christmas Events

Go to a Christmas Show,  a Christmas Carols  concert, Ice Skating or a local Christmas Event.

Santa on Ride Wonderland ParkImage: That’s Melbourne – Wonderland Fun Park

4. Visit a Pick Your Own Christmas Tree Farm

Even if you have an artificial tree you could treat yourself to a real tree this year. There is nothing like the wonderful scent of a real Christmas tree to remind you that it’s the season of goodwill. Visiting a pick your own tree farm while taking in the atmosphere and the children’s excitement is uplifting.

I put my artificial tree on an outside porch and decorate it with solar lights and have a real tree inside.

Decorated Christmas Tree

5. Bring Cheerful Colors Into Your Life

The vibrant colors of Christmas can lift your mood, promote excitement and vitality so find some time to decorate your home. If time is a real issue, keep it simple. Throw some baubles into vases and bowls and scatter around some candles. For outside use solar lights that you can stick on or poke into the ground and you don’t have to worry about tangled wires.

Be silly for the silly season. Wear some bright colored cloths or some Christmas jewelry.

 Chrismtas Decorated Fireplace Coffee Table

6. Do a tour of Christmas Lights

Find our where the best lit houses are in your area and take an evening drive to tour them. The closer to Christmas there are more crowds and traffic  so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Burbank Christmas House LightsImage: Flickr by donielle

7. Get Together With Friends

Take some time out to meet with a good friend or a family member; do some shopping together, go for coffee. or attend a Christmas event together. You could invite friends over to have a Christmas baking session, sharing favorite recipes.  Or how about having Christmas decorating sessions at each others homes?

Untangling Christmas lights alone is not much fun and you would have someone to hold the step ladder for those harder to reach areas.

Tangled Christmas LightsImage: Flickr

8. Learn Something New

Be productive. learn a new skill, and have some fun in the atmosphere of a Christmas workshop. You could learn to make Christmas cards, decorations and pottery, how to decorate Christmas cakes, bake Christmas goodies or how to photograph Christmas lights. Check out local colleges and craft shops to see what is on offer.

If you cannot find a local class or the timings are wrong you can find plenty of tutorials online.


 9. Do Something For Others

Buy a Christmas gift for those in need, donate to charity, buy charity Christmas Cards or do some volunteer work. Do some good and feel good about yourself.

Kidspot Australia writes about 6 charitable things to do this Christmas. Do a search and you will find plenty you can do in your own area or country.

Kmart Wishing Tree Share the JoyAustralian Kmart Wishing Tree Appeal

10. Relaxation

Most important of all, take some time out to relax and do not become over-tired.

  • Watch a heart warming old Christmas movie such as Miracle on 34th Street or play some Christmas music. If this does not inspire you then stick to some favorite heart warming movies or music.
  • Have a relaxing bath and light some candles.
  • Give yourself an occasional treat of Christmas food but not so much you feel guilty about it. Avoid too much Christmas Spirit in the form of drinking.

Pinterest Christmas Food BoardChristmas Food Board on Pinterest

Whatever you do laughing and smiling is the best way to get into the a good seasonal mood so take some time out to do what you like doing the most.

Please let us know what gets you into the Christmas Spirit?