Many parts of the world have snow at Christmas time but not in Australia as it is summer here. We still often see snowscenes and snowflakes on our Christmas Cards.

I have had fun using an online site, Snowdays, to make snowflakes.  When you have created your snowflake you can print it out as a picture or as a Christmas card. Here are some snowflakes that I made. Can you work out what is the same about all of these snowflakes? (Answer below)

popular front snowdays snowflake examples

Here are some photos of real snowflakes:

Snowflake Photos

Aren’t they beautiful. You can see more photos at

Have you ever tried to make snowflakes out of paper? You can make some wonderful designs. If you want to learn how to make them yourself you can find out how through this video:


* Answer: All snowflakes have 6 points.