Christmas Printable

Santa Hat Bunting

Today you can make Christmas bunting to hang up on a wall or from a ceiling. You have the choice of using the colored flags or coloring them in yourself. Click on the images below to find the sheets that you can print out.

Christmas Decoration Printables


Christmas Printable coloring in


  1. Print out 2 copies of  the colored sheets and cut out the shapes
    or Print out 2 copies of the  coloring in sheets, color them in and cut out the shapes.
  2. Paste each pair of flags together so that the colored sides show on both sides of the bunting (for example, paste C to C)
  3. Pierce holes through the top corners of each flag and thread string through each flag. You could also use a needle and strong thread for this.
  4. Hang up on the wall or from the ceiling.