There are not many sleeps left to Christmas now are there? In Australia our long summer school holidays have started so it is an especially exciting time for kids here.

Today we have a Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle for you. The photo used for the jigsaw is that of a cottage at the Christmas Tree Farm.


How to complete the Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Click on the pieces and drag them into the puzzle..
  • If a piece is in the correct place it will make a sound and join with pieces next to it..
  • Continue dragging and placing the pieces until the puzzle is finished.
  • The faster you finish the puzzle, the higher your score will be.
Here is a larger photo of the jigsaw puzzle to make it easier for you to complete it.
Online Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle
This jigsaw came from ProProfs where you can make jigsaws using your own images or complete jigsaws that are already made for you.