It is always good to play games with your family at Christmas. One of the favorites in our family is to answer trivia questions and see who can get the most right.

Today we have a Christmas Quiz for you.

You can print out the questions and answers here.


    1. In “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas” why was The Grinch so mean?
    2. What colour is Father Christmas’ belt?
    3. Santa Claus is also known as Saint who?
    4. What present did Harry Potter receive for his first Christmas at Hogwarts ?
    5. Which bush beginning with the letter ‘H’ is associated with Christmas?
    6. What toy was Arnold Schwarzenegger searching for ?
    7. From which vegetable was Frosty the Snowman’s nose made from ?
    8. Which long running TV series features a character called Santa’s Little Helper ?
    9. What two items do we usually place on top of the Christmas tree?
    10. What is the surname of the family in the 1989 film ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’?
    11. What are the two main colors of Christmas?
    12. On Christmas Day, what would you find a joke inside of?
    13. Which meat do we traditionally eat with Christmas dinner?
    14. What are Santa’s helpers called?
    15. What form of transport does Santa use to deliver all our presents?
    16. What did Rudolph never get to join in?
    17. What gifts did the three kings take to baby Jesus?
    18. How many horses pull the sleigh in “Jingle Bells?
    19. What is the first name of Scrooge?
    20. How many doors of an advent calendar would you open before Christmas Day arrives?

Tomorrow is the last day of our Advent calendar for this year but we hope to see you here again in 2014.