Christmas List Printables

We have two Christmas Lists for you to print out today. One is for you to write your Christmas Wish List, the other to write down all the nice things you do before Christmas.

Watch Santa Claus talking about being naughty or nice in this video:

Santa Clause Is Making His List


Here are some ideas of what you can write on your list:

  • I was kind to ……………… (write in the name(s)
  • I did a chore
  • I helped a friend
  • I helped my mum
  • I helped my dad
  • I helped my teacher
  • I worked hard at school
  • I played nicely with others
  • I smiled a lot
  • I wasn’t grumpy
  • I said please and thank you all day
  • I put some decorations on the Christmas Tree

Christmas Lists

Christmas-List-Printables-Wish-list-Nice-LIstTomorrow we’ll have some puzzles for you.