Today we have some Christmas Lights for you to print out and some videos of Christmas Light displays on homes around the world. Do you light up your house? It is now very popular in Australia.

Click on the Image to take you to the page to print out.

Christmas Lights Printable

4 Christmas Lights Red Green Blue Violet  to Print


  1. Print out the sheet twice
  2. Glue both sheets together with the images on the outside
  3. Cut around the shapes
  4. Glue some string or Christmas ribbon to the top
  5. Hang on your tree


Christmas Lights Around The World 2014

Makati City, The Philippines

Dancing Christmas Lights 2014 – Ayala Triangle, Makati City

These lights are in Makati City in The Philippines.


Lancaster, New York, USA

2014 Powers Lights – One Buffalo Christmas Lights

These lights are run by the Powers Family in Lancaster, New York. They are named after the sports teams; the NFL Hockey team, the Buffalo Sabres, and the NFL football team, Buffalo Bills.


If your lights had a sports theme, which team would you display? In Victoria,, our Australian state, it would very likely be an Australian Rules Football team.

Melksham, Wiltshire, UK

Light fantastic: Electrician’s has decorated his house with 200,000 Christmas lights

An electrician from Melksham created this amazing lights display. It uses about 200,000 Christmas lights.



Frozen Christmas Lights (Let It Go) 2014

A lights display from Texas USA to the tune of Let It Go


Yucaipa, California, USA

Yucaipa Neighborhood Lights – All I Want For Christmas

In Yucaipa, California, USA, the 16 neighbors in one street, got together to create a massive display. It’s so big that it’s best seen from the air so this video was taken by a drone. The music is played through the neighborhood You can even tune into the music on a local radio station.

This display uses the music from Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas”. You can see close ups of some of the house displays, to different music, on their Yucaipa Christmas website

Video by Jukin Media