Welcome to our Advent Calendar.

You are probably familiar with the chocolate filled calendars, with a chocolate for each day. We don’t have chocolate in our calendar, instead behind each door there will be lots of Christmas Videos, music and fun activities. Come back each day until Christmas and you will find something new.

As it is the time of year we are decorating our trees we have a video for you today called “Deck The Halls – Disney Very Merry Christmas Songs”. I certainly hope you have more luck than Mickey and friends when you put up your tree – Fa la la la la la la


We chose our tree from the Christmas Tree Farm this year. We will decorate it when my two sons are here as we always like to do it together. We put on Christmas music and have fun – although we don’t like it if we have to untangle the tree lights. My daughter cannot be here for Christmas as she is a weather person in Western Australia and we need our weather reports every day of the year.