How To Hang Christmas Tree Lights

Tangled Christmas Tree Lights

Hanging Christmas Tree Lights is often one of our least favorite seasonal activities. Tangled wires and bulbs that don’t work are a nuisance especially when the kids are eager to start hanging the baubles . Last year I used two large sets of lights, hiding whole sections of non-working lights in the middle of  the […]

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Advent Calendar 2013 Day 10 – 20 Facts About Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Clipart

Today you can learn fun facts about Christmas Trees. [youtube][/youtube] Christmas Tree Facts Christmas trees take an average of 7-10 years to grow to the size we buy. The first decorated Christmas Tree was in Riga, Latvia in 1510. The first printed reference to Christmas trees appeared in Germany in 1531. Prince Albert introduced the […]

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Get Creative with Christmas Baubles

Wall Christmas Tree made from baubles

When I was growing up in England it was usual to decorate the living area as well as the Christmas Tree and I have carried on that tradition with my own family. When my children were younger they preferred lots of tinsel hanging  from windows, doors and ceiling. These days I like to be little  […]

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Christmas Decorating

Do you decorate your living areas at Christmas or only your tree? Decorating rooms with swags, tinsel, wall and hanging decorations has always been a tradition in my family and I carry on the tradition in my home. I have a few special decorations that I bought but there are ways you can make your […]

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Readers Photos

Photographer and blogger Yvette Jenkins O’Dowd has kindly given me permission to show some of her photos. Here is a selection that she has taken from her visits to the Christmas Tree Farm and of her decorated tree at home. Thanks Yvette. I have also displayed some of her photos on the Reader’s Photos Album […]

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How Not to Decorate your Christmas Tree

Last week I talked about How to Decorate your Christmas Tree. Today I take a tongue in cheek look at examples where things did not go quite right. How not to place baubles on the tree: [youtube][/youtube] (Although the method seemed to work!) How not to unwrap your tree: [youtube][/youtube]   Make sure your tree […]

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How to Care for your Christmas Tree

When you get your Christmas Tree home it is wise to cut at least 2cm off the trunk.  Otherwise resin will form over the original cut and the tree will not be able to absorb water efficiently.   Make sure you cut the trunk straight so that it sits  well in its stand. As soon as […]

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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

You may have your own favorite way to trim your Christmas Tree but here are some instructions to make the task easier and avoid frustration. Steps in decorating your Christmas Tree Add your tree lights. Starting at the bottom, wrap the lights around the trunk and branches. Add garlands starting at the top and working […]

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Day 4 – The Christmas Tree

Decorated Christmas Trees are so much a part of Christmas all over the world; it is thought they were first used as a way of brightening up the home on dreary winter days, along with holly and mistletoe. Australia celebrates Christmas in the hot summer months of course but a tree still brings sunshine into […]

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