Happy Christmas from Everyone at Our Farm

CHrismtas Quote - Irish Blessing

Christmas Day is here again and we wish you a very: Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year We made a video for you: [youtube]http://youtu.be/w7CUqJPRD90[/youtube] We really appreciate your custom and it’s great to see so many returning customers. We look forward to seeing you again next year. For those who can’t get to the […]

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Christmas in Australia Reader’s Story

Christmas Drink on Beach Australia

Here in Australia, Christmas arrives in the first month of summer.  There’s no falling snow, log fires or running outside to make a snowman or two.  We can usually plan on a warm summer’s day filled with good company, a roast turkey or cold buffet of ham, chicken and salad with all the trimmings. Before […]

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Free Online Christmas Entertainment for Adults

Free Christmas Entertainment Books Puzzles Videos

The kids have plenty of Christmas Entertainment, but what about the adults?  I write about online games and videos for the kids on the Advent Calendar but there are plenty of resources for adults too. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle I made a quite tricky Jigsaw Puzzle with Tetris shapes for you to complete online.  You can […]

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Christmas Greetings

Christmas Greeting Images

[youtube]http://youtu.be/RO0N92lMtm0[/youtube] Do you send Christmas Greetings online, as well as mail  Christmas Cards.? We often don’t know the addresses of online friends so its a good idea to send greetings by e-card or by posting images on social media sites such as Facebook. Here are some resources for you to use.   Facebook Christmas Greetings […]

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Christmas Printables

Christmas Scrapbook Paper examples

Our Advent Calendar has games, puzzles and craft activities for the children but why should the kid’s have all the fun at Christmas? Here is some Christmas printables for your own use. Christmas Wall Art Here are two printable images that you can use as wall art. Cut them out and place them in photo […]

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Have a No-Bake Christmas

Christmas Cake decorated with santa strawberries

If you are running short on time but want to make an impression with your Christmas deserts and cakes here are some no-bake Christmas ideas. Mini Christmas Puddings This is a quick non-bake recipe which the kids enjoy helping with.  You crumble a store bought Christmas cake, add ingredients so that it stays in a […]

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Holiday Blues – Don’t Let Them Get to YOU by Dr. Erica Goodstone

Happy woman in Santa hat

Holidays are wonderful – or they’re not.  People are excitedly buying gifts and sharing exuberant moments together – or they are feeling rejected, neglected, sad and lonely. If  you have lots of caring family and friends, each excitedly searching for the perfect gifts for each other including you, then holiday time can feel like a […]

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10 Ways to Get Into The Christmas Spirit.

Pinterest Christmas Food Board

Do you find it hard to get enthusiastic about Christmas but would like to rekindle that Christmas Spirit that you felt as a child? I used to get so over-excited about Christmas when I was a young child that by the time the day arrived I was tired and run down and invariably ill in […]

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Christmas Word Search For Kids and Adults

Online Christmas Wordsearch Featured

I have included games, puzzles and printables in the Christmas Tree Farm’s Advent Calendar, making them myself when possible. I came across this good Christmas Word Search game but, because of links in it to a games site, I did not want children to do this unsupervised. It is not possible to know where links […]

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Simple Strategies to Beat Holiday Stress

Book Cover Christmas BY Design

It’s inevitable. It seems no matter how well we plan and organize, something inevitably disrupts even the best laid plans for the perfect holiday. Someone gets hung up at work, favorite ornaments are broken or the Christmas tree lights are hopelessly tangled. We run out of money long before we get to the end of […]

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