We make choosing your Christmas tree a memorable experience for everyone.

For families who want to make the most of the tradition, we offer a tractor ride (selected weekends only) to a field of beautiful trees, plenty of assistance from our team once you’ve found your tree, we help to bring your tree back to our barn and bale it or wrap it in protective netting and help you to load it into your car.

Santa makes regular visits to the farm. To avoid disappointment call ahead to check his visiting times.

For those with a less time we have a beautiful range of pre-cut trees available so that you can come in and select your tree quickly and conveniently.

At every step of the way we have plenty of helpful elves to help you make choosing your Christmas tree as easy as possible.

Choose and Cut Price List

Height Tree Price Baling
4-5 ft $60 $4
5-6 ft $65 $4
6-7 ft $70 $5
7-8 ft $85 $6
8-9 ft $105 Too big to bale
9-10 ft $125 Too big to bale
10ft + please call the farm to ensure availability

Tree Stands

We also offer a range of fantastic tree stands to ensure you can stand your tree up once you get it home. Cinco tree stands are simple to assemble and hold a good supply of fresh water to keep your tree fresh.

Tree Size Price
8ft $45
10ft $60
12ft $90

Disposing of your tree

We know that disposing of your tree after Christmas is often an inconvenience, so please bring your tree back to the farm after Christmas for recycling. If the gate is closed, just pop your tree over the front fence.