I had an email from a friend in USA today who said “It’s difficult for me to identify Christmas with any other season other than Wintertime” and she referred me to the following delightful videos.  I thought they  would be likely to brighten up anyone’s day, whatever the season.  So sit back for a few minutes, forget all the Christmas jobs you need to do, watch the videos, relax and enjoy:


YouTube A doggy summer – A kutyák is szeretik a strandot

We normally stay at home for Christmas and have a roast with all the trimmings for lunch; including Yorkshire Pudding, which hales from my childhood growing up in England. Years when the thermometer is nudging 40 c I sometimes wonder why I don’t opt for a BBQ and salads, but Christmas then would not be the same.  When I first came over to Australia, before the children came along, we did sometimes head down to the beach for a picnic lunch, for the sheer novelty of it. One year we were on holiday in Noosa, Queensland, and spent the day picnicking by a lake in the tropical rain forest; spending most of our time in the water keeping cool.

Whatever the weather your Christmas is likely to involve trimming the tree. We started ours last night; putting the tree in its stand and adding the lights, only to decide that there were not quite enough lights. Off we went to K Mart,  Bunnings and then the supermarket, the only shops open at that time in the evening,  unsuccessfully searching for non colored lights. Instead we came back with a  santa hat and reindeer horns that play a tune.  (my son suggested the latter to go with my flashing tree earrings – well if you can’t be silly at Christmas when can you?)

The tree now stands looking rather forlorn awaiting the delivery of the white lights I later ordered online.  I enjoy putting up the tree as a family activity so was pleased when my older son, who has recently moved to a place of his own, suggested he come over to help us decorate. The following video shows family team work with a twist:


YouTube A doggy Christmas surprise – Karácsonyi kutyás meglepetés

These videos were uploaded by YouTube user Norscii. They were used to promote a dog training school in Hungary www.kutyasuli.hu. You can find more videos on Norsciis YouTube profile page. If you wish to translate the page into your own language go along to Google Translate and enter the the website url.

We would love to hear how you celebrate Christmas Day – what do you eat, where do you spend your day. Do you have your own family Christmas traditions? You can let us know by leaving a comment below.