Picking your Tree – here’s how it works:

Pick up your “Tree Tag” in the Christmas Decorations Barn

Decorations Shop

Choose your Tree:

You can choose your tree in one of two ways:

Choose your tree from our “Choose and Cut” fields

Have a stroll (or hop on our wagon ride*) through the rows of trees.

Christmas Tree Farm

*Our wagon ride runs at weekends and you can hop off and on it as often as you like. There is not a lot of walking involved but  kids love the ride.

Choose your tree . Our staff will measure it and cut it down for you. They will tag your tree, indicating if you want it to be bailed. They will transport it back to the farm. You will be given the stub of your tag to present for payment.

Tree Cutting

Cut down tree


Choose your tree from our “Pre-Cut Barn”

We have a selection of trees already cut

Christmas Tree Barn


Your tree can be wrapped using special netting. This protects your tree on the way home and keeps your car clean.

Our staff run it through our baling  machine

Christmas Tree wrapping in net

Pay for your Tree in the Christmas Decorations Barn

Give your tree tag stub to the cashier in the Christmas Decorations Barn and pay for your tree.

Christmas Barn Cashier

Collect your Tree

Collect your tree from the tree baling (wrapping) area.

Our Staff will help you carry it to your car if required.

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  1. Could you please advise where I can buy a roll of the tree netting you use, I have large potted trees that I need to transport and are trying to purchase whole, rolls of netting. Would appreciate if you can pass on your contact.
    Many thanks,

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