Santa Decorations Shop

It is the start of the festive season again when thoughts are turning to Christmas. We are already into our busiest time of the year at the Christmas Tree Farm. We are getting ready to deliver trees to companies all round Australia and the farm is festooned with decorations for when you visit us to choose your own tree. We are open from today and every day until Christmas Eve 9 am to 5.30 pm.

Choosing your own tree does not involve hard work as we cut them and wrap them for you. You have three  options. You can wander around or hop on our free wagon ride among our “Choose and Cut” fields and pick the tree you want. If you want to save time you can pick a tree from those we freshly cut for  you in our Pre-cut Christmas Tree Barn.

Once you have chosen your tree we wrap it in special netting so that you benefit from the wonderful scent on the way home, but do not have to clean the car of pine needles afterwards.

Our Christmas Decoration Barn shop is full to the brim. We purchase our decorations from around the world to bring you unique items you will not find elsewhere. We also stock the more traditional decorations so that you can buy everything you need.

Santa will be with us each weekend as will the Somerville Fire Brigade, who  will be cooking for you.  You can enjoy sausage in bread or a bacon and egg sandwich. All the proceeds from these sales  go directly to the Somerville Fire Brigade to help them in their indispensible and courageous work.

Next we will tell you about the special discount we have for our readers and our Children’s  Coloring Competition.