My family are asking me what I want for Christmas. Although I enjoy surprises there are a few things that I wouldn’t mind getting so I like to give them a selection of ideas to choose from. This year I decided to use a free online wishlist and share it with those who were looking for ideas for me.  I gave a few a try to see which features suited me the best.


Adding items to a Wishpot list is simple, either enter the details manually on Wishpot itself or use a button (bookmarklet) that you place on your browser toolbar. The advantage to using the button is that you can search for an item online at the best price, click on the button and details are recorded of where to buy and how much. With wishpot you can also choose your priority for the gift, ranging from “I need it!” to “thinking about it”. You can also use your mobile phone to scan items or take photos of items you find at the shops then email them to your wishlist. You can import an Amazon wishlist and a paypal feature allows for cash gifts. By setting a price alert for an item Wishpot searches 500 stores for the best price. Unfortunately Australian stores are not included here (yet?)

Here is an example of one item in a list:


You can share your list with friends and family and to make sure there is no duplication of gifts they can “reserve” an item.  You cannot see what is reserved so as not to spoil the surprise. Using widgets you can embed your list in Facebook and other social networking sites or on a website. You have the option of sharing a list with everybody on Wishpot to give them ideas;  although I chose to keep mine private, sharing only with a couple of family members. In their shop section Wishpot experts also offer many ideas.  Wishpot allows multiple  lists so you could create one for Christmas, birthdays, weddings etc. I created a list as a reminder to myself of what I wanted to buy for others. If you have items in your list too expensive for one person to buy the “contributions” feature allows people to chip in to buy you the gift.

Wishpot contributions


Wishlistr also has a bookmarklet tool allowing you to add items directly from other websites. You can import from Amazon and your delicious bookmarks and you may get inspiration from their gift idea section. You can choose a theme for your list If you want a simple wishlist tool, this may be the one for you.

Wishlistr wishlist templates

Amazon Wishlist

I always check my partner’s Amazon wishlist at Christmas and birthday as he adds DVD’s and Blu Rays that he cannot find in Australia. Those that are available in Australia are often substantially cheaper from Amazon or Amazon UK even after shipping costs are included. Their wishlists are not restricted to items sold on Amazon. Browser extensions or bookmarklets allow you to add items from any website. I created a mock list below – I do not have rich relations that could contribute to these – unfortunately!

Amazon wishlist

I could not find any such general wishlists specific to Australia but there are wishlists associated with individual sites that allow you to share your lists by email, for example, , BigW

Quote of the day: “I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, toys not included.” Bernard Manning