The worlds largest living Christmas Tree is located in Wilmington, USA. It is an Oak Tree thought to be over 400 years old. This year it has been decorated  with 5,250 lights.


Here you can see the tree being lit in 2007:


The tallest living Christmas tree in America is a Stika Spruce Tree at the end of Main Street in Ferndale, California


You can find information on the worlds largest artificial trees and tree displays in our post World’s Largest Christmas Trees 2009

One thought on “Day 15 Largest Living Christmas Tree

  1. Just had a chance to drive down from Portland and measure the Ferndale tree. It’s 151.26 feet tall. It is now the 2nd tallest in the USA.

    Wonder if the #1 in Idaho is actually taller or shorter than 161. Its probably close though.


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