When I was growing up in England it was usual to decorate the living area as well as the Christmas Tree and I have carried on that tradition with my own family. When my children were younger they preferred lots of tinsel hanging  from windows, doors and ceiling. These days I like to be little  more stylish.

bauble garland clipart

I prefer to improvise rather than using ready made room decorations, apart from some beautiful items I have bought over the years from the Christmas Tree Farm.

This year I bought a large garland which I am going to decorate with round Christmas baubles of various sizes and a beautiful wooden advent calendar. The numbered boxes contain wooden Christmas trinkets which you hang up on the tree once you have opened them. You can only see one hanging there now as it is 1st December and day one of the Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendar made of wood

I have created Pinterest boards where I am gradually collecting a range of ideas, not only for decorations but for Christmas crafts, kids and adult printables, and festive food.

If like me you do not have the time to spend making complicated craft items then these simple ideas can be created quickly. Here are some of my favorites that I found on Pinterest:

Framing Christmas Decorations

Kerri Bradford gives instructions on how to make this particular shadow box decoration but you can improvise with what you already have available

Wall Christmas Tree

This stylish wall decoration was created by Stylist and Writer, Joanna Thornhill, who blogs at Stylist’s Own. Simply hang a variety of baubles of different colors, shapes and sizes on the wall making the shape of a tree.

Wall Christmas Tree made from baubles

Photo – Joanne Thornhill

Baubles in Glass

Christmas baubles make a stunning effect when added to vases, bowls or other glass containers. You can match the colors to suit your room decor. Here is an example by Centsational Girl

Hanging Baubles

Let your imagination run free by grouping baubles together and hanging them up.  You can jazz them up more by adding extras such as ribbon, holly leaves, thin tinsel or picks.

Pinterest is a wonderful source of inspiration for Christmas. If you follow Christmas Tree Farm on Pinterest, click on the individual images and you will see what other Christmas boards the pictures have been added to and you can explore those too. You can re-pin images to your own Pinterest account and follow  boards that interest you. Here is a good tutorial on Pinterest if you have not yet joined.

If you have your own Pinterest Christmas boards, please feel free to share them with us below by leaving a comment.


7 thoughts on “Get Creative with Christmas Baubles

    1. Hi Mary, I don’t have the time to spend on making anything complicated, I now leave that to my daughter who made me some beautiful embroidered Christmas place mats last year. I stick to easy ideas such as placing decorations in containers. Saying that, I did buy a length of garland from the Farm this year and extra baubles. I am planning on creating a decorated garland to hang from a beam in my family room.

    1. That is good Mason. Keep coming back to read more and you may feel motivated to put those decorations up 🙂 I bought some more this year but the rest are still in storage. I hope to get started on putting them up this weekend.

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