When you get your Christmas Tree home it is wise to cut at least 2cm off the trunk.  Otherwise resin will form over the original cut and the tree will not be able to absorb water efficiently.   Make sure you cut the trunk straight so that it sits  well in its stand. As soon as this is done either place the tree in its stand filled with water or temporarily in another water container out of sun and wind.

Christmas Tree

The stand should be large enough for the size of your tree.  You will bruise the wood and reduce its water intake ability if you force the tree into a stand or trim the sides of the trunk to fit  You also risk the tree being unstable and falling over.

Make sure your Christmas Tree has plenty of water as they can drink 1-4 litres a day depending on their size and the climate. Always make sure the base of the tree is in water  The heat of the summer in Australia dries them out quickly so place them away from windows or other hot spots in the house. This applies to fires and heaters in the Northern Hemisphere.

Strong lights can contribute to drying the tree out so smaller, low heat producing lights, are the best. Remember to turn the lights off before leaving the house or going to bed, for safety’s sake as well as protecting your tree.

Be careful when purchasing new or re-using old Christmas lights. The CFA have recently published an article talking about the dangers of faulty lights and what to look out for to keep safe: Take care with Christmas lights

Our farm stocks Cinco Tree Stands  because of their quality, stability and large water capacity:

Cinco Christmas Tree Stands