Photographer and blogger Yvette Jenkins O’Dowd has kindly given me permission to show some of her photos. Here is a selection that she has taken from her visits to the Christmas Tree Farm and of her decorated tree at home. Thanks Yvette. I have also displayed some of her photos on the Reader’s Photos Album on The Christmas Tree Farm Facebook site.

If you have photos of your visits to the farm or photos of your decorated real tree, whereever you bought them, please add them to the album  – or leave a message for us on our Facebook Wall with details of where we can find them and I can add them for you.

Links to Yvettes photos:

Her blog: Yvette’s Ramblings

Her Facebook Albums

Her photo entries in the 365 Project

Update: Another reader just uploaded some photos to our Facebook Page: Here is one of  her decorated  tree which she purchased from our farm. Isn’t it beautifully decorated.

decorated Christmas Tree bare Christmas Tree