Get Creative with Christmas Baubles

Wall Christmas Tree made from baubles

When I was growing up in England it was usual to decorate the living area as well as the Christmas Tree and I have carried on that tradition with my own family. When my children were younger they preferred lots of tinsel hanging  from windows, doors and ceiling. These days I like to be little  […]

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Make Christmas Cards

Making your own Christmas cards is fun and easy and they are more special to those you give them to. Here are two cards that you can make yourself.   To Make Fold a piece of white or colored printer paper or card to make the card.  I used a sheet of printer paper and […]

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Day 16 Make Christmas Ornaments

After you finish school for the year you will have more time so you may like to try making some of these Christmas Ornaments. You can be creative and use these for ideas and make something of your own design using materials you have at home. You will have to get an adult to help […]

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Day 2 – Christmas Images

Did you have a look at some of the Christmas websites in our links section yesterday? If we hope you had fun web surfing. Today is all about Christmas images you can download for free. These are really handy if you want to make your own Christmas Cards or decorations, create  some Christmas pictures or […]

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