Christmas Decorating

Do you decorate your living areas at Christmas or only your tree? Decorating rooms with swags, tinsel, wall and hanging decorations has always been a tradition in my family and I carry on the tradition in my home. I have a few special decorations that I bought but there are ways you can make your […]

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Make Christmas Decorations

Christmas Coloring-In Printable Tree Decorations Instructions Print out the coloring sheet Color in the decorations. Add some glitter, stickers or ribbons if you want. Cut out the decorations. Paste 2 of the same decorations together, back to back, so that the colors are showing on both sides. Pierce a hole at the top of each […]

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How To Decorate A Christmas Tree

You may have your own favorite way to trim your Christmas Tree but here are some instructions to make the task easier and avoid frustration. Steps in decorating your Christmas Tree Add your tree lights. Starting at the bottom, wrap the lights around the trunk and branches. Add garlands starting at the top and working […]

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