Mexico city has made the Guinness Book of Records for the world’s tallest Christmas Tree. The 2009 tree on Reforma Avenue, Mexico City is 110.35 meters tall. It has 1.2 million light bulbs, 80 kilometres of cable and took 200 people one month to erect.


The following video shows you the lighting ceremony that took place on Dec 5th, 2009.


Prior to this Brazil held the record although it still has the distinction of being the worlds largest floating Christmas tree.


Christmas Tree Displays

The world’s largest Christmas tree display is 650 metres high and 350 metres wide. Its lights rise up the slopes of Monte Ingino, outside of Gubbio, in Italy. It can be seen up to 50 kilometres away:

day15-christmas-tree-display-italyMore details from the tree’s site

Projected onto The  Akasaka Grand Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan is this 100 metre tree:


Today’s advent calendar post shows the world’s largest living Christmas Trees

Did you know that Sydney has the distinction of having a tree that is the largest of its type in the world and what this is? I will be answering these questions in tomorrow’s post.